Our vision is to be the most customer oriented retailing company and to build a community of users and sales partners where they can consume and earn that will give them a better way of life.


To be the most customer oriented retailing company in the Philippines where users and sales partners can deliver, communicate and manage all the needs of the market in terms of health and beauty essentials.


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Sense Shop


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Jinga Juice

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Kome Rice Bran

1,900.00 1,820.00
Description Scientists in Japan discovered that Red Rice Bran contains over 2000 antioxidants including 120 known super antioxidants co-factors and


Prebiotics multi vitamins are food ingredients that induce the growth or activity of best multivitamins of beneficial microorganisms. Your body contains billions of bacterial cells, many of them harmless and some even helpful. Often called “Natural Flora/ Gut Bacteria,” a large number of these helpful bacteria reside in your digestive tract, primarily in your large intestine or colon.

Premium One

900.00 845.00
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Regimen Soap

150.00 120.00
Regimen means the “Restoration of Health and Beauty”. It is the secret formulation of Japan’s soft and fair skin complexion. A complete all in 1 whitening and anti-aging soap with Kojic Acid and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (Group of natural acid found in Fruits. e.g Apple and Grapes acid extract)

Sentiment Oil 30ml

300.00 295.00
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